Red Background

A note to myself: Get a red background for portraits in black and white film. Makes a wonderful gray color for portraits. Maybe paint a wall red.

This may lead me to build a small wall on wheels. Just so I can paint it red.

While it could be much simpler to find red backdrop paper… my desire to overbuild may override such practicality. “Overbuild” a real theme in my work that has lead to more than one disaster…

Hiroh Kikai

Wonderful portrait by Hiroh Kikai. Thanks to The Phoblographer for introducing me to his work.

I really appreciate the concept of being very careful who you take a picture of. Being intentional has a certain grace and beauty to it. It’s kinda the oposite of street portraits where you grab whatever pic you can of whomever walks by.

Super inspirational stuff.

Ep 129 :: Abstraction in Photography (by theartofphotography)

I really love The Art of Photography podcasts. I’ve learned a lot from them. But this one about abstraction is important to me.

Most of my paintings are abstractions. As I want to make photography that is art I should probably connect back to my experiences and successes in painting. This video was a good reminder that not all photography is about sharp & clear representational imagery ex. portraits. But I love me some pics of people. 🙂

Thanks Ted.


It’s Flashback Friday! Do you have a photograph of someone in your family in a powder blue tuxedo?

See more 1970s fashion in our new exhibit “Searching for the Seventies: The DOCUMERICA Photography Project.”

Image: “Michigan Avenue, Chicago” (couple on street) Perry Riddle, Chicago, IL, July 1975. National Archives, Records of the Environmental Protection Agency.

THIS is a portrait. Such handsome people. Striking.