Plaxo Online Identity Consolidator

Plaxo is releasing software behind its Pulse service. Basically, by using Microformats XFN info Pulse will aggregate your various online contacts. So if you have accounts at gmail, msn, yahoo, flickr, twitter, facebook, etc. you can consolidate it to understand how they connect with each other and create new connections. The cool part is the software for Building an Open Social Graph (what Pulse leverages) can be downloaded for your own use. (tech note: this software is python that crawls for the XFN rel=”me” attribute. NOT a whole website cms type software.)

We need a ACC Social Network site

Steve Rubel over at Micro Persuasion blog tips us to the new NBA social network site FanVoice (beta). The folks over at the ACC should hire some local talent to create a social networking site for ACC fans. Especially for college basketball and college football. I’m not a big sports fan but I would use the hell outa’ such a website to keep up with UNC basketball. It would kick ass! Especially if fans could submit pictures and videos. Ed Cone and I have mentioned the importance of fan participation. Capitalize on it ACC.

Some people the ACC should contact about this ASAP. Ruby Sinreich [social network guru], Fred Stutzman [social network scientist], and Brian Russell (me) [social web site designer]. 🙂

See also my post Creativity + Fans x Love = Money for more ideas.

Update: Ed Cone asks, “Why wait for the league? An exogenous effort might work as well or better. I’d be interested in helping to create one.” Sean Coon responds, “you already have one at flickr… pimp it.”