Red Background

A note to myself: Get a red background for portraits in black and white film. Makes a wonderful gray color for portraits. Maybe paint a wall red.

This may lead me to build a small wall on wheels. Just so I can paint it red.

While it could be much simpler to find red backdrop paper… my desire to overbuild may override such practicality. “Overbuild” a real theme in my work that has lead to more than one disaster…

Hiroh Kikai

Wonderful portrait by Hiroh Kikai. Thanks to The Phoblographer for introducing me to his work.

I really appreciate the concept of being very careful who you take a picture of. Being intentional has a certain grace and beauty to it. It’s kinda the oposite of street portraits where you grab whatever pic you can of whomever walks by.

Super inspirational stuff.

Izzy’s Mask

Nikon F3, Nikkor 28mm-85mm 1:3.5-4.5, Artista Edu 400, Rodinal (1+100)

This photos is really growing on me. When I first saw it I lamented the lack of focus in the foreground. But the composition of the girl looking at my son in the foreground really makes it. The counter balance of the blurry and grainy bokeh in the top right helps a lot.

I’m reminded that many awesome pictures I love aren’t very sharp. New technology that captures perfect sharpness automatically isn’t necessarily required to make a artful picture. And after all my goal is to make art.

A real pic by this tumblr’s owner.