John Edwards should support gay marriage

Over at Pam’s House Blend Mike in Texas has a GREAT Open Letter to John Edwards. Cross posted on the John Edwards Blog.

Dear John Edwards,

I have read about some comments you made recently in New Hampshire about marriage equality for gay and lesbian Americans. The article quoted you as saying:

“Civil unions? Yes. Partnership benefits? Yes,” he said. “But it’s a jump for me to get to gay marriage. I haven’t yet got across that bridge.” … “I wish I knew the right answer,”

I hope that is an accurate quote of your words.

I would like to suggest that perhaps you have not yet considered the right question and that perhaps the right question would help you find the “right answer.”

Please read the whole letter. Its very important that we know where John Edwards stands on all issues. Its EXTREMELY important to all progressives/liberals/Democrats that our candidate for president completely support the GLBT community. I will be thinking about this as I consider who to vote for in 2008. If I may humbly suggest, so should you.

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