Iraq civilians: 34,452 dead, 36,000 hurt

For a minute try really hard to visualize thirty five thousand people. Hard isn’t it? Next time you’re at a big sporting event try thinking about the life of every person in the space. Imagine how special and different each person is. How happy and full of life each person is. Try talking to a complete stranger. Feel how they live and breath? That’s a lot of humanity isn’t it? Now imagine all those people in the room dead. Completly gone… Its amazing how we can become desensitized to so much loss when its thousands of miles away.

More than 34,000 civilians were killed in violence in Iraq during 2006, a UN human rights official has said.

The envoy to Iraq, Gianni Magazzeni, said 34,452 civilians were killed and more than 36,000 hurt during the year.

The figure is nearly three times higher than calculations previously made on the basis of Iraqi interior ministry statistics for 2006.

via BBC

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