Please use Twitter

Twitter is a cool SMS spam service… uh I mean a neat way to SMS, aka txt messaging, a bunch of people at once. Sorta like CC: for your phone. Of course you can directly message people. Yes you can control who sends you a text. So spam really isn’t an issue. (yet?) Having a cheap unlimited text plan for your phone doesn’t hurt.

What I really love about Twitter is staying in touch with people. In my busy life sometimes a phone call is too much or not necessary. Just a gentle nudge of text info to my phone keeps me updated.

Right now a few of friends on Twitter I’ve only met once and another who is a friend of a friend. Interestingly they all live in California. So I get to hear about the cool techie things they get to-do and the wonderful sounding lives they have. A bit voyeuristic but without the eye candy or intrusion. This is totally opt in or opt out. For both parties.

So… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, all you people who read my blog, and actually care enough to comment on it, JOIN TWITTER then friend me! So I can read about your wonderful goings on and feel that much closer to you. My Twitter handle is BrianR.

Thanks Friends.

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