Tips for the MSM on How to flirt with Bloggers

A few suggestions for the Main Stream Media on how to flirt with bloggers.

1) Hold meet and greet events with bloggers After work hours. Weekends work too.

2) Buy bloggers food and drinks.

3) Pick carefully the names for your events. Don’t use the word ‘Ascertainment’. ex. “Triangle Blogger Community Ascertainment” Have you ever met anyone who wants to be ascertained?

4) Don’t call your event a conference if it isn’t open to the whole public.

5) Important: Be as open and inclusive as possible. Don’t leave anyone out by not getting the message out. Bloggers will take it personally.

6) Don’t use e-vite. It sucks.

7) Be very honest early on about what you want from Bloggers. We are not free labor.

8) Most important: Treat bloggers as equals and with respect. The era of consumers and passive viewers is over. Put links to us on your website. (Like WRAL did.)

Hat tip to Bora and to Paul for his funny response to NC-17 weirdo blogger “Ascertainment” invite.

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