Coffee Cam

The Trojan Room Coffee cam was the first web cam. It was set up to see if coffee was ready in another room. Geeks are lazy by nature. Laziness inspires all kinds of great innovation!

Don Sizemore has set up a web cam to see how long a line is at an outside coffee stand. (The camera isn’t pointed there yet. But soon… hopefully.) Our beloved Daily Grind Coffee is in a temporary trailer home. Its cold out right now so why not find out what’s up before you get in line? Fortunately or unfortunately for me I get to work early enough to beat the lines. 🙂

Thanks for telling me about this Paul!

One thought on “Coffee Cam

  1. the daily grind cam will make its debut on monday! the lady who assigns our static IPs is out today. many thanks to Leah McGinnis Dunn of the Undergraduate Library for permission to install the camera, and to Libby for graciously allowing us to use her window ledge.

    Kiki the Fashion Tiki cam is currently offline due to problems with wireless in our office 😉

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