Deleting Offending Comments on YouTube

Ever since Ruby and I posted a video response to John Edwards video announcement on YouTube I’ve been dealing with right wingers talking shit. So far I’ve deleted two comments and blocked the YouTube users.

The last person claimed I was censoring him for deleting his comment. Here is my response to that:

Let me just tell ya right wingers right now… I will delete and block you if you put up stupid stuff. Just because I posted a video comment about Edwards video doesn’t mean I’m going to vote for him. Sheesh. How freakn’ simple minded can you get!

I don’t have to hold myself to your standards. Publish your own video. Write your own blog. No one is stopping you from doing that. Removing comments isn’t censorship. I won’t fall for that false bait accusation!

With all the options out there for getting your voice heard how is deleting a comment censorship? From my point of view all is not allowed on my blog and web spaces. I’m partisan and biased. We all are. Some of more so than others for sure.

If someone wants to write their comments talking smack about me or my content then go ahead. Just do it on your own site. Its easy. I’ll even help you set up a space to do it. But, I won’t be bullied by other people online! I will not publicize angry rants with my blog for Google to index!