Take the Bloggers Bowling!

Ever since Anton announced that we we’re going to have a blogger meetup at a bowling alley I’ve been hearing this song in my head. Camper Van Beethoven had it right. We need to Take the Skinheads Bloggers Bowling!

Join the Chapel Hill bloggers this Wednesday as we bowl a few games at Mardi Gras Lanes (Hwy 54 near I-40). It’s a family night at the lanes — and Valentine’s Day to boot — so bring your loved ones and children. We’ll start at 6pm, but join us when you can. Mardi Gras has free wifi, and we’ll talk blogging and more as we bowl.

For clarity sake I don’t think Bloggers are like Skinheads. Bowling and Blogger both start with B. Plus we got a little angst to work out. But it is on Valentines day… weird. 😀 BTW, there maybe some live blogging/bowling tonight!

Update Alas… no live blogging while bowling. It was LOUD rock and glow family nite with no beer. Anton got online. He has some pics too. I was to busy putting a hurtn’ on those pins and my mouse wrist. Ouch!

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