Help start Bill Hop NC

Another legislation tracking website called Bill Hop is focusing on state bill activity. They’re trying to get one going for North Carolina. [ ] Check out their about info:

BillHop is a network of sites (for each statehouse and Congress) that allows people to track and comment on legislation while connecting with others with common interests. All content on the BillHop website is contributed by its registered users. Some users are progressive, while others are conservative. Some may be wonks in specific fields of interest. Others are just novice armchair politicos. It is hoped that this amalgamation of perspectives and experience levels will result in a body of information that accurately reflects reality, and an experience everyone can benefit from.

Here is their help pitch:

Help Start BillHop in North Carolina

We’re starting a new site for North Carolina and are looking for sponsors. Sponsors are individuals who are committed to contributing to the site and spreading the word among their cohorts. We will reward those founding members with frontpage recognition of their own projects, organizations, or blogs.

If you are interested, it’s a two step process:
1) Register as a member; and
2) Sign-Up to sponsor this site.
Once we have 7 sponsors, BillHop – North Carolina will open and the fun will begin.

I wish I had more time to work on this.

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