Joost beta testing

I got my beta tester email from Joost today. Its a new app for Windows and Intel Macs that plays TV on your computer. (PPC Mac and Linux version supposedly on the way) I downloaded it and immediately told people on Twitter. So far the full screen interface is great. But the choppy audio and video from my work and home broadband connections is annoying. Maybe that’ll improve.

It would be cool if you could download content to your HD and play it there. Not to steal the video content. But to watch it super smooth. Apple’s Front Row can play media on your HD and the trailer streaming is pretty smooth.

The part I’m really excited about are the mash ups people will build with the Joost API. (not quite out yet) I think this could be truly interactive TV come true. Only when users can create their own channels on Joost and upload content THEY created will it be an actual two way experience.

Dig this commercial. The graphics and script are amazing.

2 thoughts on “Joost beta testing

  1. Hey Brian
    Been hearing so much about Joost and I would love to give it a try on my new notebook.I understand I need an invite from you to receive it. Could you possible be so kind as to invite me? My email is

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