Friends for Peace Photos

Computer Design Geek for Peace
The American Friends Service Committee has a really fun tool called Friends for Peace. You can upload an image of yourself holding a sign that has the words you choose before… for Peace.

Friends for Peace is a project of the American Friends Service Committee’s Wage Peace Campaign. Through Friends for Peace, people across the U.S. and around the world can put a face on the diverse majority who want to end the war in Iraq.

People from all walks of life now agree that invading Iraq was a mistake. Friends for Peace is a way to visually connect peace supporters and let everyone show a bit of their personality and individuality.

To join Friends for Peace, download one of our signs. Fill in a word or two that describes you (e.g. librarian, Red Sox fan, mother, etc.) and have a photo taken holding your sign.

So I made a sign with the words “Computer Design Geek for Peace”. Their wonderful online tool helped me put the words before the for Peace part then gave me a pdf to download. I printed out the pdf, took a picture of it with my MacBook Pro camera, then flipped it with Photoshop. The last part was nessesary because taking a picture of yourself with text is kinda like using a mirror for photography. Its all backward and stuff. Man am I a geek for peace or what.

All these pics end up on Flickr. There’s even a RSS feed of all the pics. Thanks to Ruby for showing me this neat activism tool.

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