Thinking about the People of Blacksburg and Virginia Tech

In 1992 Mathias drove me to Blacksburg for a Halloween party. That was one of the best weekends of my life. I cried on the way home to Richmond because I hated to leave. Most of the thanks for that heavenly few days is due to Mathaias Leppitsch. But meeting Ronda was also a really big deal. I’ll never forget the hand written letter from her describing how much she enjoyed my visit. Until that point I’d never felt loved so much as I did that weekend.

I loved Blacksburg so much I moved there the next summer. Why? The people of Blacksburg are awesome. The summer was so incredible I skiped the following fall semester of college.

Never have I met such a warm welcoming and fun group. It wasn’t just the click that I had been introduced to by Mathias and Martin but the whole town. Really. No joke. (Chapel Hill and Carrboro are close.) Every weekend jaunt up to the Bburg was an amazing time. I learned to really love life in Blacksburg. The people of this small town removed a giant black cloud from over my life.

I could write a pretty long chapter and maybe a book about my adventures there. Blacksburg was my oasis and safe haven. I left and returned to the New River Valley three times. The friendliness was so strong that friends of friends would lend you a place to lay your head even if they didn’t know you at all.

I miss Blacksburg once in awhile. Fortunately I’ve found another college town to call home. But no place will ever replace that beautiful Virginia mountain town.

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