What should I Vlog about?

I’ve had the itch to make some vlog video for awhile. Bits of short video content delivered via a RSS feed and often times viewable in a browser with the flash plug-in. (ala Youtube, etc.)

But I have a bit of a creators block. So I ask you dear readers, What should I vlog about?

Honestly I don’t like to be in front of cameras. So I don’t want to just babble to the camera about some abstract thing I’m thinking about. (Easy enough todo in writing tho’. 🙂 ) Somehow I was able to speak into a microphone for my podcast despite my mild stage fright. I’m asking you because I want you to participate and be interested in what I make.

I want to know WHAT YOU WANT. Please login and leave a comment. All serious ideas considered. I reserve the right to laugh out loud…

2 thoughts on “What should I Vlog about?

  1. Suggestions: video blog about your video blog tools, how to video blog, create a list of local events that you may attend and provide feedback, video blog about other video blogs

  2. Your opinion on what’s going on in politics… way too many people blog about that, but I see hardly any thoughtful vlog commentary.

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