Live Blog Sports

Just after I posted my vlog entry about live blogging important local events I just saw this post by Romenesko. (Hat Tip to Ed Cone) Seems a reporter got kicked out of a NCAA basketball game for LIVE BLOGGING.

Courier-Journal sportswriter Brian Bennett, who was kicked out of the press box for live-blogging at a college baseball game, “wrote about what had already happened, something newspapers sort of, you know, do,” writes Troy Johnson. “He wrote about what had already become fact. Believe it or not, facts are not the exclusive property of ESPN or the NCAA.”

From Time To Recognize the Online Reporters

Something unusual took place in Louisville, Ky., on Sunday. Reporter Brian Bennett had his press credential pulled in the fifth inning of an NCAA baseball game for posting live updates at his blog. As you’d expect, this quickly became a minor cause célèbre. NCAA officials protested that they were just trying to enforce exclusivity terms of their broadcast contract; Bennett dryly noted that “someone watching ESPN across the street could have blogged every single pitch without a problem.”

All I can think is WTF! Can’t wait for Carolina Basketball season to start up.

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