More Indy coverage of HB1587

Fiona Morgan writes another great article about HB1587. She covers the important parts of the last vote in the NC House Public Utilities Committee meeting well. I know because I was there.

Here is one part I didn’t know about. From Anti muni-broadband bill moves forward

There are still many questions about the bill’s impact. According to legislative staff, it would not affect free Wi-Fi service, as it only applies to services provided for a fee. But it could affect public-private partnerships, or any service that “provides a financial benefit” to a local government.

I remind people that the foe we are dealing with does not have a history of honest deal making. Not to mention legislative staff are not law makers. Either way you look at it I WANT my local government to have the option of making money. Wouldn’t that be better for them to be self sustaining that have a big tax increase? Not to mention that giving away resources cost money. I am all for free WiFi for the people but we must have options to pay for that needed service. HB1587 would completely stop local governments from getting into the business of helping its citizens. For what ever reason.

The sad fact is many local governments in North Carolina are not as forward thinking as the City of Wilson. The technology involved in broadband is complicated. Council Members, Alderman, and Mayors are often times not technologist. We need more geeks out there to help enlighten our Representatives. Local, State, and National.

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