City of Greensboro Opposes HB1587

Last night the Greensboro City council passed a resolution opposing HB1587. That brings the count of communities opposing HB1587 to seven nine. The others are the City of Wilson, City of Fayetteville, City of Rocky Mount, Town of Carrboro, Town of Chapel Hill, Polk County, City of Monroe, and Rockingham County. There are also several entities that have opposed this bill such as the Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce and Fayetteville Public Works Commission.

Here is one of my favorite WHEREAS in the resolution from the City of Greensboro:

WHEREAS, the re-combining of telecommunications companies (such as AT&T and the “baby Bells”) continues to result in planned layoffs, the inability to meet the demands of new and re-locating businesses for true high-speed broadband results in such businesses locating elsewhere, and the fact that there are telecommunications designers and equipment manufacturers and suppliers located in North Carolina who will be negatively impacted if local government is not allowed to provide needed communications services mean that North Carolina will stand to lose more jobs by not investing in top-quality broadband infrastructure than it will lose due to government provision of such services.

You can find a copy of the City of Greensboro resolution here. [doc]

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