Missing College Basketball

I became a Tar Heel fan rather fast. I’ve only lived in Chapel Hill for a few years and I’m already jonesn’ for college basketball season to start. I love summer weather much more than winter. But the lack of basketball is KILLING ME.

This is not a unique gripe in North Carolina. But its rather odd for me.

One, I am NOT athletic.
Two, I am NOT very competitive by nature.
Three, I think most organized sports are violent and too commercial.

Despite all my differences with the IDEA of organized sports I am still a fan. Each year I become more interested. Each year I yearn for watching a basketball game live and on TV. In a decade or so I could be a complete bball looney! 🙂

Why is this?

So far I believe its Ruby’s fault. 🙂 By that I mean she is such a cool Tar Heel fan. She isn’t the only one either. For some reason Tar Heel fans in Chapel Hill and Carrboro also happen to be the coolest people. They have interesting lives, are very creative, love peace, love each other, etc., etc. Also working at UNC didn’t hurt my love of this great sports tradition.

So I’m seriously thinking about doing a college bball vlog. Would you watch?

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