Social Networks Amplify Serendipity

Ok… today I said something during a Converge South session that I want to remember, Social Networks Amplify Serendipity.

I love listening to creative people. The inspiration is extremely valuable. Thanks Converge South!

Context from Twitter:

waynesutton @BrianR I’m with you, online social networking has allowed me to meet more people with like interest than if I wasn’t online

arsepoetica @BrianR, amplifying serendipity. Nice! Phrase of the day. (And I agree. I’m not remotely social in meatspace.)

coreyr @BrianR u mean the internet +’s serendipity because info flow is higher than offline. (SocNets are just reifying people, further +’ing flow)

Update:Social Networks ONLINE Amplify Serendipity (thanks for helping me clarify Corey!)

Bora at A Blog Around The Clock:

The quote of the year, I think, goes to Brian Russell who, during a session on social networks (e.g., what are we “creepies” doing on Facebook pooping on the kids’ party), said that “Online Social Networks Amplify Serendipity”. What a great phrase, explaining exactly what social networks do.

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