How do you use WiFi?

What are some ways you use WiFi besides sitting down with a laptop? I have some ideas but am anxious to know yours. Doing some brainstorming here. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “How do you use WiFi?

  1. Hello Brian, I use wifi with my iPhone for faster downloads at home and access the root via ftp.

    Also have used wifi at panera bread & barnes and noble.

    So my wifi main use is just the web

  2. here are a few ways for me:
    1. every day as main connection at work (never use hard line anymore)
    2. to browse web and twitter via my nintendo ds handheld w/ the opera mini browser
    3. to connect to interwebs, network for games, etc on Wii in living room
    4. to work on internet via wifi hotspots at locations like panera, or other eateries (usually free ones, rarely paid) to work remotely
    5. when at beach down at NC coast, usually find wifi at residence to connect to get online for scouting local events, etc when visiting
    6. (future, hopefully near) CHUMBY!!

  3. My Momento wifi enabled digital picture frame to enjoy my digital pics in the living room. I have dreams abot an integrated shopping list from the fridge but that hasn't quite happened yet.

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