Vote for War Money, loose my vote

During the last election we voted in Democrats all over the place. The main reason? To stop the war in Iraq. So after months of fighting what happened? Bush got his money to continue his oil war. WTF!

Who do we blame? Republicans of course. But Democrats too.. I won’t forget this. Not for one second. Doesn’t matter to me if a single Democrat voted against it. THE WHOLE DEMOCRATIC party failed! Big time. I mean how does a majority loose like this? Seems like Dems inside the beltline are afraid of being called Anti-Solider. Such utter crap. Why would they even worry about this? Maybe their constituents believe it. How could you believe the fucking Rove spin machine?

What do we do now? Electoral politics took a BIG hit. Are their any political choices for the 70% of Americans who want the war in Iraq to end? Its time again for a popular movement to raise up a third party. (I don’t want to hear the defeatist crap about our electoral college system. Lieberman left and was elected. Sanders is a great Independent. Third party politics can be effective.) How many more failures for Dems to provide real progressive political change do we need to be convinced?

Here is the nasty story from the AP – Dems Back Down, Approve War Money. Here is another good bit of analysis from The Nation blog Capital Games, The Dems’ Self-Defeat on the Irar War Vote

We activate for the Democrats during the mid terms and this is how they repay us? I say revenge is imminent. Where are the anti-war people who are ready to run for some US Senate and House seats?

Note: I wrote this post last year. I decided to let it sit. It was written in anger… But it rings true now more than ever. Presidential and Senatorial candidates are running hard on a “change” platform. The intelligent politician who gets elected and provides REAL non-incremental change will have the love and respect of hundreds of millions of people. Yes, I can support Obama and call for more political parties.

ALSO: Check out The Iowa primary and two parties vs four by Rabble. It has some excellent analysis and describes how there is room for more than two parties in US National politics.

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