Deconstructivist Gehry

Much of my time in between going to art school and washing dishes was spent watching friends become architects. I felt a creative kinship with them. After all I was studying sculpture. A creative style with similar considerations. Basically what do to with three dimensional space. So my formal aesthetic values were seriously influenced by the architectural designs of M and Dave. Thus I am a BIG modern architecture, furniture, and interior design fan.

So when I saw this blog post on WebUrbanist called The House that Shaped an Architectural Generation: Frank Gehry’s First ‘Deconstructivist’ Building I was amazed. I haven’t thought about the word Deconstructivism in a long time.

So what if Gehry’s buildings fall apart and don’t function practically. They are art IMHO. I wish I could make a full size 3-D scan of them, replace them with functional buildings, and paste the art/building into a virtual place where weather and time don’t exist. Not sure if that would be preservation or destruction.

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