Tell Jim Rogers to Cancel Cliffside!

Recently Duke Energy received permission from the State of North Carolina to build a new coal fired power plant in Cliffside, North Carolina. Despite the facts that this new plant could be a major polluter of CO2, mercury, and evaporate 21 million gallons of water each day. You can find all the details here on NC Warn’s website.

Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers claims a giant coal-fired power plant would be “good for the environment.” This is nothing but green scamming. Watch this short video about his claims and the facts.

“Stopping this new plant is the best thing you can do to stop global warming.” – Dr. James Hansen, Director, NASA’s Goddard Institute

When you’re done contact Mr. Rogers and tell him to cancel Cliffside!

Jim Rogers, CEO
c/o Duke Energy
PO Box 1090
Charlotte, NC 28201-1090

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