RTP Startup Weekend is Tomorrow

Looking forward to attending the RTP Startup Weekend in Raleigh’s Edge Office tomorrow. Friday evening appears to be a kickoff to narrow down ideas. The real head down work and hardcore fun begins Saturday.

Wondering what a Startup Weekend is? Here’s the low down. People call it “Jazz for entrepreneurs”. Bascially we’re going to make some sort of web app company in two and half days. Nuts sounding I know. 🙂

Today I found an interview with Jess Martin, one of the local organizers of RTP Startup Weekend. Its on the North Carolina Startups Blog. (Thanks for link @waynesutton!) Interesting questions and answers. I too wana see our disparate tech communities work together. Most importantly party together!

I hoping we make a iPhone app this weekend. Hopefully something that leverages existing public domain data and puts it in peoples hands via mobile networks. But I’m also still looking for the killer app for Peer-2-Peer mobile social networks. I’d like to see a way for us to share media we make with each other bypassing other networks all together. Ad hoc data sharing via wifi devices. Its robust, hyper-hyper-local, and will scale like crazy.

Bottom line is it has to be SIMPLE. Less is More. 140 characters is enough. Ya know Zen code Jazz baby!

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