Carrboro Coworking gets a new Website

My business Carrboro Creative Coworking is about to pick up speed. Back in June the Board of Alderman at the Town of Carrboro approved a loan. Now we’re at the lease negotiation stage. Very soon I’ll be announcing a location. Its been a long journey. Almost two years ago I started this business in earnest. Ahead is the hard work setting up the space.

Yesterday I launched a new website that will be the online home to Carrboro Creative Coworking. It’s where I will reveal the location of the space, share rates of various coworker packages, blog about the business, accept your information if you’re interested in using the space, answer your questions, and much more.

Another feature of this site will be weekly video updates. I’m going to try and put up a short video once a week. (Its a true testament of how easy and quick that is that I’ll have the time to do such a thing.) It’ll start off as a interview, ala web cam style, of me telling you where I’m at.

CCC also has a twitter account, a Facebook page, and a Google Group. Three great ways to keep up with this journey that is a small business coworking space.

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