My Local Energy Journey 3

It was back in October 2009 when I last wrote about biodiesel stuff aka My Local Energy Journey. The next step for me was to do a bit of prep work. I didn’t want to put biodiesel in the MB right away. I’ve read too many stories about clogged filters and rotting hoses bursting. So I waited till a warm weekend when I had some time to work on the car. (I don’t have a garage.) The big bonus is I learned a lot and gained some confidence. Very valuable.

I did a fuel purge on the ’81 Mercedes 240D. It got a ton of gunk out of the fuel system. I was amazed at the extra horse power after this procedure. Clean injectors are cool! This is the how-to I followed. Very helpful! Diesel Purge – Injector and Injection Pump Cleaning

After this I replaced all the fuel lines under the hood and swapped out both fuel filters. Again the awesome to the rescue! I got it done with the wonderful step by step how-to called Mercedes Fuel Hose Install.

After a bit more tightening and a good test drive this step is done. Next stop the biodiesel pump!

(Part Two of this series can be found here.)

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