Work Different, My Book Project

Ok. I said it. I’m writing a book. I’ve avoided saying that out loud or writing it here because I have lots of book ideas. But rarely have they made it this far. This idea has a lot of blood, sweat, time, and ideas behind it. It’s really a result of the past four years of doing business.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post as a introduction called Work Different, Number One.

Here’s a bit:

Now I am about start a new chapter in my career. I’ve spent the past three years working in a office environment I created from the ground up. It coincided with my first experience being a entrepreneur. Something I had dreamt about for decades but avoided.

Some of the blog posts that follow will be a debriefing about what I’ve learned. Primarily about creating highly productive work environments. It involves interior design, community building, the changing nature of work and play, how to save money when building a office, the element of time, and the truth that less really is more.

This is first outline for Work Different (A working title).

  1. Introduction
  2. Work & Play is merging in the modern office
  3. Build Community
    1. Physical: Events inside and outside of work time
    2. Virtual: Pair programming, Not just for computer scientists
  4. Save money
    1. using existing cheap office space
    2. use cheap furniture
    3. Free On-line Services like Google Docs, Gmail, Hangout, etc
  5. Less is More
    1. Smaller offices are best
      1. cheaper
      2. less energy
      3. less waste
      4. Help save planet
  6. The element of time is critical
    1. when work is done determines what kind of space is needed
    2. quiet time
    3. phone calls
    4. conference calls
    5. meetings
    6. head down working at the computer

Tiny Disclaimer: This future book is an important piece of professional writing for me. I plan on profiting from it. A confident statement I realize. But just so you know I can’t promise your contributions will be compensated for monetarily. But I will thank you loudly.

All that said I need your help. This is my first book. I’m dyslexic, a bad speller, and have notoriously bad grammar skills. So as I write chapters and pieces of chapters please provide feedback, correct spelling, suggest new directions, or what ever you think is necessary. Try to be kind. 🙂

Thank you!

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