New Traditionalists, Devo record, 1981

I’ll never forget how I FELT when I first heard the song “Through Bring Cool”. A cousin in small town Tennessee gave me the vinyl on a trip one summer. I ripped open the plastic wrapper and set it on the turntable. It really did sound different that way. The lyrics! The bass! The drums! One of the few times someone in the ‘80s introduced me to something dfferent. Pop rock radio and three Beatles records were my entire musical world then. Thanks DEVO! #Devo #cool #music #anticool

New Traditionalists, DEVO

Ring of Fire Voodoo Style

One day before I die I must sing this song in front of a lot of people. If I did it would probably come out like the Wall of Voodoo version. (You know them. They did that song Mexican Radio.)

Believe it or not I’m kinda a purist about this song. I’d try to make it sound a bit more like the original. Horns and all. Here’s the real deal to clean your pallet.

This man is my Appalachian rock-a-billy super hero.

A Song featuring my Hometown

Just saw Larry Sparks and the Lonesome Ramblers perform this song on the Tee Vee. Wondering why I’ve never heard of it. I figure some people in Virginia didn’t take kindly to it. 🙂

Blue Virginia Blues

Have you ever been to Richmond in November
When the cold Virginia rain is coming down
Friends I’m here to tell you it’s no pleasure
When you’re all alone and a stranger to this town.

Don’t take me wrong I do like East Virginia
And Richmond’s full of hospitality
Except for one Virginia girl I know of
Who made a perfect love wreck out of me.

Blue blue Virginia blue
There’s no blue like blue Virginia blue
No other girls in the whole wide world
Will break your heart like Virginia girls
There’s no blue like blue Virginia blue

She called me up in St Paul Minnesota
Said I need you here in Richmond right away
Take the bus I’ll meet you at the station
Bring your clothes ’cause I want you to stay.

My bus pulled in the station late this evening
And there’s no one around this place but me
She must have changed her mind or she’s forgotten
And her name’s not in the phone directory.

I wish I had the money for a taxi
And a warm and cozy place to go lie down
Instead of standin’ all alone in Richmond
While the cold Virginia rain is comin’ down.