Vampire running for Gov in Minnesota

Just in case we’re getting too serious about politics here comes this funny bit o’ fresh air. Laugh. Its funny… or scary. One way or another its scary. This video is a trailer for a documentary about a real candidate. The film crews FAQ says that the Vampire candidate has no control over the shooting or editing. They say its for real. Kinda believable considering a popular wrestler became governor of MN.

Heroine Astronauts

Jerrie Cobb, public domain image from Wikipedia.

NPR had a great segment on this morning about women who were secretly trained for the Mercury 13 space flights. Then NASA and Lyndon Johnson stopped them from serving. Five years ago via the Freedom of Information Act it was discovered that the then Vice President delivered the “last nail in the coffin”.

I was so impressed with Jerri Truhill this morning. She described how they became part of the testing program, where tougher than nails, and “came out better than the men did as far as being suited for spaceflight.” You could hear her strong mind and confidence. Such an amazing interview. Even after decades of discrimination, you are a REAL heroine Ms. Truhill!

Over at NPRs page for the story Women’s Space Dreams Cut Short, Remembered you can listen to the audio and at the bottom of the article/transcript you can check out a time line of the history of women in space.

Thinking about the People of Blacksburg and Virginia Tech

In 1992 Mathias drove me to Blacksburg for a Halloween party. That was one of the best weekends of my life. I cried on the way home to Richmond because I hated to leave. Most of the thanks for that heavenly few days is due to Mathaias Leppitsch. But meeting Ronda was also a really big deal. I’ll never forget the hand written letter from her describing how much she enjoyed my visit. Until that point I’d never felt loved so much as I did that weekend.

I loved Blacksburg so much I moved there the next summer. Why? The people of Blacksburg are awesome. The summer was so incredible I skiped the following fall semester of college.

Never have I met such a warm welcoming and fun group. It wasn’t just the click that I had been introduced to by Mathias and Martin but the whole town. Really. No joke. (Chapel Hill and Carrboro are close.) Every weekend jaunt up to the Bburg was an amazing time. I learned to really love life in Blacksburg. The people of this small town removed a giant black cloud from over my life.

I could write a pretty long chapter and maybe a book about my adventures there. Blacksburg was my oasis and safe haven. I left and returned to the New River Valley three times. The friendliness was so strong that friends of friends would lend you a place to lay your head even if they didn’t know you at all.

I miss Blacksburg once in awhile. Fortunately I’ve found another college town to call home. But no place will ever replace that beautiful Virginia mountain town.

No Power

We still don’t have electricity at home. Its been out now since 10am Monday. Ruby telecommutes from home so she’s a digital nomad today.

Yesterday evening we saw what may be the cause of our power outage. A big ole’ electrical pole has snapped off at the top. The only thing keeping it off the ground are the wires. A large tree fell on the line. Must have had lots of force to snap such a thick piece of wood.

Umstead Drive
Pic by Ruby

I dreamt we went to Google

This morning I woke at my regular time. Because it was Saturday I was annoyed. Those coveted hours of extra sleep didn’t seem like they were going to happen. Some how I dozed off. When I awoke again I realized I had just had the following dream.

* * * DREAM * * *
Ruby and I were in a very large airport hanger style lobby that belonged to Google. We walked up to a medium sized round receptionist desk. There we told the person behind the desk that we where there for a meeting. They asked our names and then handed us odd looking gold foil things with names on them. Not quite badges. More like cut out business cards.

As we walked towards a door at the other side of this mammoth hall we found a group of tables and chairs. We decided to sit down and wait because we were early. (In real life Ruby and I are always early. We joke that its practice for when we’re senior citizens.)

At the tables I could see into a bright hallway. It appeared to be where more rooms and offices where. Suddenly Terrell Russell appears. He tells us that the meeting we’re about to goto might contain ClaimID promotional stuff. For some reason I’m pretty mad about this. I had believed this meeting at Google would be small. As it turns out its a bigger promo type meeting. I huffed off in the direction of the hallway.

We enter another room that is full of chairs set out in theater style. Ruby and I find a seat. I find myself thinking about how I want to sit in a spot with lots of empty chairs around me. I’m a bit claustrophobic and crowds bug me sometimes.

Fred Stutzman shows up on the stage in front of us. He’s joined by Terrell and Paul Jones. Paul is wearing a bright yellow t-shirt and his long hair is flowing like the club he belongs to requires. Suddenly these three jokers set up some kind of GIANT sling shot. They are shooting balloons filled with liquid at the crowd. Terrell and Fred are the posts of the sling shot and Paul is firing.

Swooosh! A water balloon flies through the air and hits the person just to my right. Swoosh! Another balloon flies from the sling shot. Paul is smiling and has a wonderful child like expression on his face.

Then I notice Fred filling up more balloons with margarita mix and tequila. Those aren’t water balloons they’re margarita balloons! I start wondering how we’ll prevent ourselves from getting wet and catch the margaritas in our mouth.

Swoosh! A margarita balloon flies through the air and lands in a cup right in front of Ruby. Then I wake up …

* * * DREAM * * *

I told this dream to Ruby and she laughed through most of the story. Much respect to those real people who appeared in my dream. You make me smile in real life and in my dreams. 🙂

Chapel Hill Town Council Resolution on Immigration

Tonight the Chapel Hill Town Council has on its agenda a petition from the Orange County Bill of Rights Defense Committee proposing A RESOLUTION ESTABLISHING A POLICY ON ARREST FOR CIVIL IMMIGRATION VIOLATION and A RESOLUTION TO REDRESS SOME OF THE HARM CAUSED BY THE ARREST AND IMPRISONMENT OF SIMA FALLAHI. See the pdf of the resolutions and full text bellow the fold. Tonights full agenda is located here. Learn more about what happened to Sima in the OP posts Free Sima and Sima Update.
(Text is subject to change)



WHEREAS, in Section 15A-401 of the North Carolina General Statutes, the General Assembly has specified the circumstances under which law enforcement officers may arrest persons, with or without an arrest warrant;


WHEREAS, the list of circumstances under which a person may be arrested does not include an arrest of persons whose only known violation of law is or may be a civil violation of federal immigration statutes;

NOW THEREFORE, the Chapel Hill Town Council resolves:

Section 1. It shall be the policy of the Town of Chapel Hill not to arrest or take into custody persons when the sole basis for arresting or taking such persons into custody is that they have or may have committed a civil immigration violation.

Section 2. This resolution shall become effective upon adoption.

This the 26th day of February 2007.


WHEREAS, the Town of Chapel Hill is committed to the human and civil rights of its residents and to actions that preserve and protect those rights, demonstrated by its stand on October 8, 2003, in voting to protect its residents against unconstitutional actions (2003-10-08/R-5.1);


WHEREAS, enforcement of civil immigration laws has historically been a federal obligation considered off-limits to state and local law enforcement;


WHEREAS, serious concerns have been raised regarding the ability of state and local police to prevent and solve crimes when non-citizens fear that state and local enforcement officers will enforce immigration laws against them;

WHEREAS, the Chapel Hill Town Council regrets the tragic consequences of the detention of Sima Fallahi for a civil violation of a federal immigration statute, resulting in her subsequent imprisonment, separation from her eleven-year-old daughter Leila, and the threat of deportation leading to probable imprisonment in her native Iran;


WHEREAS, members of the community have come forward to support Sima and Leila Fallahi, including incurring legal costs which will be at least $10,000 to $1 5,000;


WHEREAS, the Chapel Hill Town Council seeks to redress some of the harm that has been done in this instance;

NOW THEREFORE, the Chapel Hill Town Council resolves:

Section 1. To make a significant contribution to the legal costs incurred in providing effective legal counsel to Sima Fallahi in her effort to reopen her case and seek political asylum in the United States.

Section 2. This resolution shall be effective upon adoption.
This the 26th day of February, 2007

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