Justinsomnia's WordPress install hacked

Justin has an amazing post called Search Engine Marketeers are the new script kiddies. I recommend that ALL WordPress bloggers read it. Especially if you use Dreamhost. (even you non geeks) Basically someone hacked a WordPress theme file on justinsomnia.org and inserted key words to influence Google Ad words. This caused justinsomnia.org to be removed from Google’s index. Thus making it impossible to search Google and find justinsomnia.org.

Cool thing is Justin investigated, found out what happened, and discovered who did it!

…the last two days felt uncannily like the Borne Ultimatum. Without the punching.

Yahoo's Pipes

This new online software creation app by Yahoo called Pipes could be a big deal. (requires Yahoo login) I’m going to play with it this weekend and report back here.

It seems to me much more than a way to mash up different web services. Its a visual programing tool. Non-techie people programing could cause a radical transformation on the web.

Tim O’Reilly has some good thoughts about Pipes.

…to develop a mashup, you already needed to be a programmer. Yahoo! Pipes is a first step towards changing all that, creating a programmable web for everyone.