Facebook: Pay up or Shut Up aka Back to the Blog Again

I’ve been thinking about how Facebook’s new “rules” or algorithm(s) have changed the reach of organic social media. (Translation: You can’t just get 10,000 friends and expect ALL of them to see your post.) Especially for small causes and nonprofits.

Right now I recommend y’all post everything to your blog THEN Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Use a blog, like WordPress, to automate the posting to social media. Try to write your content in a way that it seems natural on all platforms.

Why? Because Facebook is putting the squeeze on those without financial resources. If you can’t pay up people won’t hear you. It’s another form of anti-Net Neutrality. Also known in 20th Century parlance as ‘PAY TO PLAY’. By putting YOUR content on YOUR blog you can decide where it goes and hopefully pay a lot less. Because in a year or two Facebook could price us out and be worthless to grassroot orgs.

I wouldn’t sling the hyperbole about Facebook if I thought they didn’t bait and switch. It’s true Facebook provides a great service. One that is worth paying for. But to get 1 Billion plus people to use it then slowly turn up the heat on those without money is ruthless. Facebook needs to solve this problem by providing free unlimited reach accounts to real 501c3 organizations.

Tweet about your art

In my last post, From Art to Business and back again, I shared my story and some ideas. One of the ideas you must understand is how to market your art. Twitter is one way to do it.

I know… If you’re an artist the word “market” or “marketing” sounds so bad. In some ways it feels like it cheapens your art. You work hard on it. You pour a lot of emotion into it. Why would you want to brag about it? How could you possibly shill it like a vacuum cleaner salesman? Trust me. It doesn’t have to be like that.
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