Tarheel MeshNet Initiative

I just found this new group on Facebook. Its called the Tarheel MeshNet Initiative. If you’re using facebook login and look for this group. I’ll post an external public URL once I find one. 🙂 This is a wonderful thing to have locally. Yah UNC!

Our goal is to design and implement mesh wifi networks for future deployment in low-income communities.

What is MeshNet?
A mesh network uses multiple wireless routers, called nodes, to transfer data around a network. These networks are simple to set up, can run on off-the-shelf hardware, and can be used to blanket an area with network and internet coverage. For low income communities, this means that a small number of traditional high-speed internet connections, such as DSL, can be used to provide connectivity to an entire area. The range of the network can be extended simply by adding an additional node, which involves nothing more than just plugging it in.

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UNC Men's bball Number 1 on Coaches Poll

University of North Carolina Men’s Basketball team has won the preseaon coaches poll for 2007-2008.

This is the sixth season in which the coaches have selected the Tar Heels No. 1 to begin the season. UNC was also No. 1 in the initial coaches’ poll in 1957-58, 1981-82, 1985-86, 1986-87 and 1987-88.

via: Tarheelblue.com

Seems it was a tight “win”. So much to live up to.

In the tightest three-way preseason race since USA TODAY took over the poll in the 1991-92 season, the Tar Heels are No. 1 with 739 points, five more than second-ranked UCLA and eight points ahead of No. 3 Memphis.

via: USA Today

The top five where:
1) UNC
3) Memphis
4) Kanasas
5) Georgetown

Gota give props to UCLA. I watched them place several times last year. They were fast, huge, and talented. Should make a great match up late in the season.

On top of this Carolina won the ACC Preseason Poll too.

The University of North Carolina was the unanimous pick as the favorite to win the Atlantic Coast Conference championship in men’s basketball in 2007-08 and Tyler Hansbrough was voted the preseason ACC player of the year when the ACC’s media convened in Greensboro on Sunday for the annual ACC Operation Basketball.

via: tarheelblue.com

I’m crazy excited to see both the Carolina men and women play bball this year. It was wonderful to read about this. Exciting! But man the pressure is on strong now.