Work Different, Number One

My first real job was doing digital print design for a book. It was a eighty page art book with ten pages of full color photography of painting. I had used Apple computers all through college to edit QuickTime movies that became part of video installation art. Then someone asked me if I knew how to use them. As in “Do you know how to use this computer thingy?”. They didn’t ask if I’d done a book design before. Just had I used a Apple computer. I said yes.

This job took me out of the studio using mechanical tools and paint brushes and thrust me into the office. I spent that entire summer in-front of a computer slinging digital files. Previously I had sworn I would never work in a office. I went to get a Fine Arts degree because I felt I did not have the skills and temperament to work “in business”. That skepticism mixed with creativity forced me on a path to reinvent the office environment.

Since that first job I’ve worked in lots of offices. From the nine to five to visiting clients and working at home. I cultivated a career as a ‘tech guy’. Someone who is known to use the left side of their brain. But I had been born with a strong right side and trained to use it.

For those who learned I had a Fine Arts degree it was very confusing. Why would a “artist” be working in a office and know about computers? Because the stereotype of the socially inept and uncreative computer nerd had sunk in peoples’ minds. This stereotype would soon be turned on its head by a new generation who used digital tools to create. And it happened that those tools, computers, like to be operated in a air-conditioned office.

I’ll admit a certain amount of internal pressure to please my parents. They were very skeptical about my desire to go to art school. My mother reminded me what a bad idea it was all through college and long after. So in some sort of response I sought after and obtained jobs at businesses. In part to prove I could do it. For as a child I had learned that I could do anything if I wanted to.

Now I am about start a new chapter in my career. I’ve spent the past three years working in a office environment I created from the ground up. It coincided with my first experience being a entrepreneur. Something I had dreamt about for decades but avoided.

Some of the blog posts that follow will be a debriefing about what I’ve learned. Primarily about creating highly productive work environments. It involves interior design, community building, the changing nature of work and play, how to save money when building a office, the element of time, and the truth that less really is more.

So check back as I get all this info out of my skull. Please forgive my horrendous grammar, poor spelling, and dyslexic word flipping. This is just a sketchbook for now. Maybe one day this will become a proper book.

Audio/Video and Animation Producer for Hire

One of the constants of my creative life and career has been audio/video production. In college I edited a lot of video for the web and shot film for animation. After school I learned the non-linear film editing software AVID and worked in Los Angeles. Since then I’ve kept my skills current and obtained all the gear needed for multimedia production. Recently I made a animated piece using After Effects.

This is all just a way of saying I’m looking for freelance work. Recently I’ve put in several bids for a/v production work. Please check out my portfolio for examples and my resume for work experiences and education.

Here are some of this things I’d like to do for you:

  • Produce, record, and edit audio podcasts
  • Produce, record, and edit video for the web
  • E-commerce design and setup for multimedia products
  • Write and produce animation for the web using After Effects
  • Train people on audio/video production for the web

If you know anyone who needs these kinds of services please pass my contact information along. The best way to reach me now is via the contact form on the Carrboro Creative Coworking site. I’ll respond quickly and help you all I can. Thanks!

More Coworking at Our House

For a few months now we’ve had a standing offer for people to drop by our house on Thursdays and cowork. A few people came by and hung out. Had some great conversations. But we’d love to have even more people over.

So next week we’re going to give it a try on Monday, April 21. If you’d like to get some work done in a quite space with free wifi, coffee, and snacks let me know. (That link is to my contact form.) I’ll send you directions. BTW – we have two nice cats.

The drive to cowork on Monday was an email from Robert who is from out of town and checking out the Triangle as a place to live. Lets how him how cool our tech community is.

Food for thought: Several people have sent me this link to a Web Worker Daily blog post called Coworking Evolved. Its some good examples of creative work ideas and experiments. Very cool stuff. It also reminds me how nimble I must be as a coworking business person in the future to continue to provide a valuable service.