Audio/Video and Animation Producer for Hire

One of the constants of my creative life and career has been audio/video production. In college I edited a lot of video for the web and shot film for animation. After school I learned the non-linear film editing software AVID and worked in Los Angeles. Since then I’ve kept my skills current and obtained all the gear needed for multimedia production. Recently I made a animated piece using After Effects.

This is all just a way of saying I’m looking for freelance work. Recently I’ve put in several bids for a/v production work. Please check out my portfolio for examples and my resume for work experiences and education.

Here are some of this things I’d like to do for you:

  • Produce, record, and edit audio podcasts
  • Produce, record, and edit video for the web
  • E-commerce design and setup for multimedia products
  • Write and produce animation for the web using After Effects
  • Train people on audio/video production for the web

If you know anyone who needs these kinds of services please pass my contact information along. The best way to reach me now is via the contact form on the Carrboro Creative Coworking site. I’ll respond quickly and help you all I can. Thanks!

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