Historic K(thousands) on Jones Street

Saturday February 10, 2007 a large coalition of people from all over the state will gather at General Assembly Memorial Auditorium in Downtown Raleigh, NC for H K on J. Arrive at 11:00 am. The Program will be at 12:00 p.m. Thousands will march to Legislative Building on Jones Street. Bellow the fold you can read The People’s Agenda, Fourteen Points that the organizers have put together. This is going to be an amazing event. A milestone in North Carolina Politics. Read more about it over at NC Policy Watch. Here are some pdfs to print out and use to spread the word.
HKonJ Flyer PDF
The Peoples’ Agenda – 14 Points PDF

1. All our Children Need High Quality, Well Funded, Diverse Schools. Our Constitution requires adequate and diverse schools. Act immediately to save our lost generation with adequate funding, Special Leadership Teams in failing schools, and fiscal accountability.

2. Livable Wages and Support for Low Income People. In addition to a livable wage, we must insure that no person goes hungry and that every person who needs child care gets it.

3. Health Care for All. All North Carolinians should have access to health insurance and prescription drugs. The state should fund innovative programs to combat public health problems that plague Black communities including HIV/AIDS; drug addiction; domestic violence; mental illness, diseases caused by global warming, teenage pregnancy; diabetes and obesity.

4. Redress Two Ugly Chapters in N. C. Racist History. The racist overthrow of the bi-racial l898 Wilmington Government resulted in 30 to 75 Black people murdered, scores of Black and White leaders permanently exiled, and trust between races still affected by this betrayal. From l947-1977 N.C. sterilized thousands of poor, mainly Black, women who lacked literacy skills by labeling them mentally retarded. The state must implement its “1898 Wilmington Riot Commission’s” recommendations and pay damages to the poor women it forcibly sterilized.

5. Encourage Participation in Elections. Support public financing of elections and same day registration.

6. Lift Every Historically Back College and University. Help them provide leadership to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

7. Document and Redress 200 years of State Discrimination in Hiring and Contracting. Document the State’s practices with racial minorities to justify constitutional goals to remedy this discrimination.

8. Help People Build Wealth and Stop Consumer Abuse. Provide a housing-purchase trust fund for low income renters; vouchers for wounded veterans who can’t find accessible housing; meaningful tax breaks for seniors who are being squeezed out of their homes, and protect against predatory lending and foreclosures.

9. Abolish Mandatory Sentencing and the Death Penalty. Start a Department of Correction/NAACP program to help train inmates for re-entry into society.

10. Put Young People to Work Saving the Environment. Establish an environmental job corps for young people who did not graduate from high school to re-engage them in public service.

11. Collective Bargaining for Public Employees. Help public employees work out issues with their employers in a mutually-respectful manner.

12. Protect the rights of our neighbors from Latin America and other Nations. Extend North Carolina’s arms in welcome to our brothers and sisters and make them feel at home.

13. Organize and strengthen our hodgepodge civil rights enforcement agencies and statutes.

14. Bring Troops Home from Iraq Now. We cannot address injustice at home while we turn our heads from an unjust war abroad.”

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