Obama in Raleigh

Yesterday I watched the Obama Town Hall event in Raleigh live. Didn’t make it there in person but I saw it via a live web cast on ustream.tv. Big thanks to Wayne Sutton for being there to share this with us. You can watch a copy of the video here.

Yeah the audio isn’t so great and the camera is shaky but so what. By the end of the event over 600 people “tuned in” at the same time and 45 people chatted together. The group experience made be feel as if I was there. The other chatters and I where together in a mutual experience that was funny, emotional, sarcastic, and thrilling.

To me it wasn’t about listening carefully to what Obama was saying at that moment. In my time-shifted audio and video world I expect to find a higher quality versions later. So for the moment I reveled in the virtual comradery of friends. Some I knew in person and others I met there.

Today there are lots of videos and analysis. The best recap of the Obama event was done by Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend. Read Wrap on the Raleigh Obama Town Hall. Pam also live blogged the event too.

BarCamp RDU 2008

Registration for BarCamp RDU is open. Go over to the wiki and ad your name to the list. (I did) This event is one of the best techie unconferences. We start the day with pitches for session ideas. Then the group organizes the sessions into time slots. Finally we break up into groups and learn from each other. Food and coffee is also involved. All of this at Red Hat’s headquarters in Raleigh. Lots of fun. Great opportunity to meet folks and LEARN. Even if you don’t consider yourself a blogger or a techie… GO!

i.e. Planning a BarCamp, BarCamp 2007 was great!

Techies Building Community in RDCH

So I told you about the creation of SocialCarolina.org the other day. Its a google calendar and blog about local tech events here in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. (That includes Cary, Carrboro, RTP, Morrisville, etc.)

Well.. some of the coolest events recently have been happening at the new Refresh the Triangle. They are organized by the folks over at Viget Labs. A new web design consultancy in Durham. Last night they had an event. Sadly I couldn’t attend. Next time hopefully.

So far there are seven people who can add events to this calendar. Today I added Peyton Crump to that list. He’s the Creative Director over at Viget Durham.

I’m blogging about this seeming mundane activity because I think its a milestone. Why? COLLABORATION! A bunch of cool people who organize amazing events are working together to inform a ton of people.

You would think this would be an easy thing to do. What with all the web 2.0 collab software out there. But… its not. I mean try to get a bunch of people to meet on a regular basis. Its hard. Syncing individual schedules is tricky. A group calendar is a good step towards making this easier.

In some ways the fractured nature of community is ok. Individuality is an important concept. We all have individual lives. But the concept of community is important too. I’m looking for a balance between the two.

To see the desire of people to get together and build community is awesome. We can all benefit from our collective intelligence. The more we come in contact with each other the smart we all become.

We have so much going on around here and lots more ways to find out about it. Very exciting times to be living in this part of North Carolina!

Props to the Refresh the Triangle folks for making a cool website for their events. Social Carolina isn’t a unique idea. I’m glad many of us are on the same page.

Social Carolina: Tech Events Calendar

Wayne Sutton is on top of local tech events in our area. So a couple of us asked him to create something to keep track of these events. He set up a blog at socialcarolina.org and I created a google calendar. Plus we have the Twitter user RDCH to follow and stay up-to-date.

Know about a cool event that involves technology of some kind? Is it happening in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area? Then contact us with the blog form. We’ll put it up on the calendar and promote it. We already have a few cool events up there. Check it out.

RDCH: Twitter users in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill

Last week I created a new user on Twitter called RDCH. It stands for Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill. The idea is for this Twitter user to act like a group. I’ve been using Twittervision Map and Google to find people who’ve identified that they live somewhere in the Triangle aka RDCH. (That includes Apex, Cary, Carrboro, etc.) ex. Location: Durham

While I’m logged into the RDCH user account I goto the different Twitter users I find and add them as friends. So far in about three days RDCH has 88 friends and 33 followers. You make friends they decide to follow you.

I hope this helps people meet each other in person and make new friends. Another neat “feature” I’ve discovered is the with friends page. If you goto twitter.com/RDCH/with_friends you can read what all these people are doing. Its like a group micro-blog! This page has an RSS feed too at twitter.com/statuses/friends_timeline/6140022.rss.

I’ve been trying to use the contact medium in ways that could help all these neighbors of mine. So far I’ve shared info such as weather updates for Chapel Hill and Hurricane information. Going to build the friends list and hopefully the followers and announce a party or a flash mob.

What do you folks in RDCH want this user to do?

BarCampRDU 2007 Announced

Fred has announced BarCampRDU 2007 will be August 11. Go over to his blog post to learn more. Registration will happen soon on the wiki. It’ll be held at Red Hat in Raleigh again. I hope Ruby and I can go this year. Last years event was held on our wedding day! 🙂

UpdateThis event will not be on Aug. 11. Some sorta conflict…. Will blog new date when I know it.
Update 2August 2, 2007 is the new date. That’s a Thursday…

BlogTogether Logo Contest

Win a iPod Shuffle by designing a logo for the ultra-cool blogger group BlogTogether. Anton has set up more info here about the contest. Entries are due by March 31st.

Here is more info about BlogTogether for inspiration.

The Brief

BlogTogether is the name of an initiative to connect bloggers and blog readers both online and in person. Blog refers to the weblog tool for publishing online content. Together relates to our mission to gather bloggers in face-to-face social settings. BlogTogether also includes a service effort to encourage self-expression, civic engagement and community building. The logo should include the words blogtogether, in any font, upper or lower case, together with a logo graphic, with any color scheme. I have no other criteria, but I do like simplicity. Once we have the new logo, we will build a new website design around it, and the relaunched site will continue to act as a blog/resource about our blogger meetups, Blogging101 teach-ins, occasional happy hour events and our annual conference.

Historic K(thousands) on Jones Street

Saturday February 10, 2007 a large coalition of people from all over the state will gather at General Assembly Memorial Auditorium in Downtown Raleigh, NC for H K on J. Arrive at 11:00 am. The Program will be at 12:00 p.m. Thousands will march to Legislative Building on Jones Street. Bellow the fold you can read The People’s Agenda, Fourteen Points that the organizers have put together. This is going to be an amazing event. A milestone in North Carolina Politics. Read more about it over at NC Policy Watch. Here are some pdfs to print out and use to spread the word.
HKonJ Flyer PDF
The Peoples’ Agenda – 14 Points PDF
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