Snarky Bloggers and Why I Don't Trust the MSM

David Kirk wrote a blog post called Press Tries to Meet Snarky Local Bloggers about three people who commented on NBC-17’s invite to meet with a bunch of bloggers. My response is a bit out of context here so please go read his blog post or see part of it bellow for context. Here’s what he said about me.

iii. Uppish – Brian Russell:

7. Be very honest early on about what you want from Bloggers. We are not free labor.

8. Most important: Treat bloggers as equals and with respect. The era of consumers and passive viewers is over. Put links to us on your website…

Before we start making recommendations, should we at least sit down with them first? This is like trying to figure out who gets the kids in the divorce before the first date.

Here is my perspective.

* * * *

First thanks for the link David. This is the kind of media I like. The kind with conversations. With no disrespect intended to you, let me elaborate on how I feel about this.

I have real experiences that leads me to mistrust the media. That’s why I blog and podcast. To make my own media. I hope others will do the same. My mistrust does not prevent me from working with journalists nor hold any grudge against their profession. FAR from it.

Big picture: NBC, which NBC-17 is an affiliate, helped bang the war drum for George Bush that sent the US to war in Iraq. Over 3000 dead American Soldiers is enough to make me think twice about the trusting any media business. The New York Times and Washington Post apologized for their lack of coverage of contrary war evidence. When will the three big TV broadcasters? Not to mention Fox…

Local Picture: Local media has used local bloggers writing for profit without attribution. The biggest example is some News and Observer writers snagging quotes and beat research from Plus their general attitude, in my experience, has been one of condescension.

The latest dis is the recent N&O article Blogs are Changing Politics. The only reason they could come up with in their article for the large amount of politicians blogging in Orange County was “its politics tend to be more liberal.” The actual reason is lots of Orange County bloggers asked their representatives to start more transparent relationships with them by starting blogs.

I don’t hold NBC-17 accountable for the N&O’s actions. But sadly it reflects upon all of media. That’s why we lump the MSM into one big basket sometimes.

Bonus: Big media consolidation being allowed by the FCC is wrong. Local media owners are lining their pockets by exploiting public resources like physical right of ways and the airwaves.

So many more reasons… I’ll just stop here.

Should I blame NBC-17 for all this?
I don’t blame the workers at NBC-17 personally. But I’m not going to go running to their party acting like a star struck fool dreaming that they’ll listen to me and then actually change for the better overnight. I can meet other bloggers through our blogger meet ups we’ve already organized. I do a lot of media out reach/education without pay already.

What excellent opportunity do you see for Bloggers with NBC-17?serious question Please let us know how your meeting with NBC-17 goes.

* * *
Again no personal disrespect intended towards journalist and media workers. Also thank you Jason Clough for your kind note via the contact form.

2 thoughts on “Snarky Bloggers and Why I Don't Trust the MSM

  1. You are very kind for tolerating and responding to my criticism.

    I am a geek, not a political beast; I would quickly get over my head trying to trying to attack or defend the media as a whole.

    The growth of “citizen journalism” and the death of the TV newscast both suggest that the general public is turning away from mainstream media for some reason or another.

    Reading your feelings and opinions, I do understand why now you were snarky and distrustful. I’m glad it is from a philosophy point of view and not just reflexive.

    Thanks for your response. I agree that this is the type of debate and conversation that we should be having. However, if healthy discussion between bloggers is a good thing, then I would suggest that healthy discussion between “us” and “them” can be productive as well.

    Somewhere deep inside, our goals are parallel.

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