Arctic Weather and Tara the Cat

Now back to our regularly scheduled program of boring bloggers witting about the weather and their cats.

Yesterday in Chapel Hill was COLD. I mean arctic cold! Trust me. Even tho’ I hate the cold weather and cover just about every inch of my skin when I go out doesn’t mean it wasn’t cold. Poor folks elsewhere had it much worse.

Today its a balmy forty degrees. Go figure.

* * *

Recently I’ve noticed my cat Tarra likes to run around the house like a freight train making lots of noise. When I’m sitting downstairs I can hear her upstairs knocking stuff over and making general bumping noises.

We recently moved to a new place and could really use a cat door. Sad thing is even if she had a cat door right now she probably wouldn’t stay outside to long. There are like ten cats in our neighborhood terrorizing both our high strung felines. Once outside they just run back to the safety of our loving arms. Awwww.

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