Open your Content: More good advice for the MSM

John Joseph Bachir adds this bit of advice for the mainstream media. See his post, Television talking to bloggers (and: I was on TV!!!!!!!!1111111one), for full context.

WNBC wants to take advantage of a more distributed information collection model. Fine. But this does not bridge the gap between old media (TV) and current media (blogging/internet). The internet is about conversation, removing degrees of separation between people, feedback…. I could go on. If WNBC is serious about participating in our world, they need to make their content accessible and usable after it has aired, allow feedback on their stories either via direct comment threads or forums on the website, and PARTICIPATE in these new tools. Have a presence on their forums. Adapt programming to the feedback… I know, I’m dreaming.

And dream on we will…

If TV stations allowed their video content to be shared, reused, and remixed that would be an excellent offering to their communities. A serious first step towards fair partnerships with bloggers and other content creators.

Put permanent links on your websites to copies of YOUR audio and video files. Encourage people to download the content and make something new with it. We’re already sharing our content. Not its your turn.

I know copyright is complicated. Creative Commons is the answer. It doesn’t circumvent the rights of Copyright holders it augments it.

Video: Building on the Past by Justin Coen

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