VCU beats Duke in NCAA first round

Final Score
VCU 79
Duke 77

I’m a very proud VCU alumni right now. The VCU men’s basketball team did a great job. But I have to admit I didn’t like bball much in college.

Living in North Carolina will change you tho’. As will marrying a Chapel Hill native who went to UNC. Fact is there are so many cool basketball fans down here. That makes it so much easier to be a fan. To hang out with people ya love and watch amazing feats of athleticism.

My twitters about the game tonight. Newest on top.

VCU 79 Dook 77 Final BIG UPSET! I can’t believe duke lost in the first round…

VCU 38 Dook 40 halftime

VCU ties Dook!

VCU within THREE!

VCU three pointer!

19 / 4 run by Dook…

VCU just went 9 shots without scoring 😦

Watching VCU (my alma mater) play Dook

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