Carrboro Citizen Arrives

We got a Carrboro Citizen newspaper on our doorstep yesterday evening. Its really nice to have it delivered for free. ESPECIALLY when it doesn’t sit rotting in our parking space like the Chapel Hill News.

This Citizen’s paper design reminds me of my Grandparent’s home town paper The Hickory Daily Record. I think its because its small, full of local ads, and beautifully less sophisticated. I remember the Hickory paper having some sans serif fonts in the 80’s. More sans serif fonts Carrboro Citizen. PLEASE. Très Modern!

I would read the Hickory paper on my Gradparent’s old couch and feel like I was in a foreign country. I didn’t know the issues, the businesses, or the people. But in Carrboro in the complete opposite. I know the writers, the topics, the events, and the issues. I feel part of this bit of newsprint. Not sure how exactly considering I’m a digital dude to the core. Its probably Kirk and Jocks fault. 🙂

The Citizen’s website is based on the wonderful blog platform WordPress. This is an excellent demonstration of how WP can become just about anything. Not just a blog.

The site looks really wonderful. Clean, readable, and elegant. Just what a good website should be. A real contrast to most of the horrible website designs newspapers have out there. I remember talking with Kirk Ross about the idea of digital first and print second. The concept, to me, was about using browser based applications to enter and edit text. That text would then end up in a database. In return a print designer could grab that text content and lay it out for the press. I wonder how the Citizen is handling it workflow. I imagine its a work in progress like any other startup. To me using modern work flow at a newspaper could be a HUGE competitive advantage. Not just because its easier than old ways but because it could save money.

Its all thanks to Ruby and all the wonderful people she’s introduced me to. Its thanks to them I know all of this. I’m involved. Committed even. Its a new thing for me. I’ve never lived in a small town like Carrboro. Even though I technically live in Chapel Hill I feel incredibly close to Carrboro. Carrboro is where my heart is.

Guess this is part of settling down. Finding your happy niche and growing roots. Nice to have the Carrboro Citizen follow me along for the ride. May it be a long one we share together.

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