Three Meraki Minis

[flv: 320 240] Three Meraki Minis just arrived. I’m going to place them around and see how well they work. Supposedly they’re easy to install and set up. This could be key for rapid network deployment. Man.. they are really small! More video about this project later.

Note: I shot this video using my Canon Elura 100. It was recorded to a 4GB SD card. (no tape) I then uploaded it to my laptop. Trimmed it. Then converted it to an flv file. (flash video) Thanks to the FLV Embed plugin and WordPress publishing this video was pretty quick.

2 thoughts on “Three Meraki Minis

  1. OK, this is way beyond cool Brian. Lead by doing – fan-damn-tastic. Ready with the trusty screwdriver should you need any assistance.

  2. Let me know if you need any assistance with the Meraki product. I've been deploying the Meraki hardware as part of a community wireless network in the Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX area, with the eventual goal of providing free wireless Internet access across Dallas. The project is called DFWFreeNet and more information can be found at From my experience the Meraki Minis have performed very well and are well designed.

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