Our Trip to London

Ruby and I went to London to visit her dad and vacation a bit. The jet lag was harsh and the trip was way too short but other than that it was a blast. I love the creative vibe there. It really inspires me. The Tate Modern is a really cool place and the Design Museum wasn’t shabby. I came home with lots of ideas and a love of cities refreshed. Thanks for having us Joey and Nancy! Also thanks to Ruby for being such a great travel partner.

Here is the video I shot & edited. (BTW the audio doesn’t start until 14 sec in) Music is from the album Dub Side of the Moon. The tracks are reggae covers of the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon. Small bit of trivia, the original Floyd album was recorded at Abby Road studios in London by Floyd and Alan Parsons in 1972/1973…

Ruby and Brian in London
14min 20sec

Three Meraki Minis

[flv:http://www.yesh.com/video/MerakiMinis2.flv 320 240] Three Meraki Minis just arrived. I’m going to place them around and see how well they work. Supposedly they’re easy to install and set up. This could be key for rapid network deployment. Man.. they are really small! More video about this project later.

Note: I shot this video using my Canon Elura 100. It was recorded to a 4GB SD card. (no tape) I then uploaded it to my laptop. Trimmed it. Then converted it to an flv file. (flash video) Thanks to the FLV Embed plugin and WordPress publishing this video was pretty quick.

Burning Man 2001 Video

In 2001 I went to Burning Man for the first time. I went by myself. I didn’t know anyone there. (Thanks to Mike L I got introduced to some Burners.) I drove up with someone I met just before the long ride from Berkley. It was a formative time in my life to say the least. While there I shot video of “The Man” with my crappy hi8 video camera. I made this video as a token of thanks and love. Its for the people on the playa that fed me and treated me like a King. For some reason I didn’t share this with too many of them. I’m not sure why. Now just about six years later its online. Funny how times burns.