Business Partner Needed

I’m trying to start a new business providing professional shared working space with a cafe-like atmosphere. (aka a Coworking space) It is designed to be a welcoming environment for freelance professionals, home-office workers, entrepreneurs, start-up business owners, tech workers, graduate students, writers, architects, civil engineers, designers and others.

So far I’ve found space, written part of a business plan, done financial projections, done a TON of research, and found excited potential investors. Presently I’m doing market research.

I need a full working partner to help finish the business plan, sweat, and take personal risk. This business concept is *not* a one person job.

The location for this physical business will be Carrboro, North Carolina. Every community member I’ve told is excited and so are other local business people. Lots of creative telecommuters and home workers have expressed interest. People are tired of working in coffee shops and at home. They need professional level support from cool people. Help me help them.

PLEASE only respond if you have the time, energy, and passion to make this business happen. (My contact form is here.) I’m NOT looking for someone to-do a bunch of work for free. I’m looking for a full partner to share all fun, work, AND profit. Like any new start up business this may take years to pay off.

You also need to live near Carrboro. This partnership will require meeting often. Keep in mind once this gets going it could be a full time job.

I got to mention too that our personalities will have to mesh. We can only find this out by meeting and working together. So contact me and we’ll meet at Weaver Street or something.

I don’t mean to make the requirements impossibly hard. I just want to put it all out there. Honesty is very important to me. Thanks!

Want to learn more about Coworking around the world? Check this page out.

If you’re interested in using the Coworking space please contact me too.

One thought on “Business Partner Needed

  1. Hi Brian,

    You might want to check out the company that I work for, PartnerUp.

    PartnerUp is a free web site that helps you find business partners based on skills, experience, and more. The site also helps you find business resources, and we’ll soon be launching a commerical real estate section, which may be a great place to reach potential startups and entrepreneurs who might be interested in your space.

    The site is at:

    Best of luck to you and your future business partner,

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