Say No to House Bill 1587 Website

Say No to HB1587
There is a new website called Say No to House Bill 1587.

My name is Alan, I am a very concerned citizen of North Carolina. I have been very involved in both the Cable Industry and in the Information Technology field.

When I first started reading about House Bill 1587, I was appauled at how our state elected officials seem to believe that “big brother” telecommunication business has the best interests of North Carolina citizens in mind.

This site is being created and maintained as a portal of information as many towns, counties and industry leaders attempt to stop this Bill from knocking NC back into the technology stone-age.

I’m really looking forward to the collection of stuff about this horrible bill. We really need a long term grassroots movement to build up out of this. Telcos aren’t going to stop pressuring the legislature to create laws to protect their business. We can’t stop watching them. Not to mention the need for laws to protect us from bad bills like HB1587… Hey NC Representatives and Senators! Sponsor a bill to make sure all people in North Carolina are guarantied equal access to the Internet!

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