Head On by JAMC

My favorite memories of college were hanging out with friends and listening to music. Some tunes automatically send adrenaline running through my body. The song “Head On” by The Jesus and Mary Chain is one of them. I’m enjoying reading about the album this song is from, Automatic. (Thanks Wikipedia community!)

AutomaticSometime in the early ’90s a friend and I drove to Charlottesville, VA to see Jesus and Mary Chain with Nine Inch Nails. Somehow we missed NIN but got there in time to see JAMC. I remember a big star on the stage and lots of smoke. You couldn’t see the band hardly. Just REALLY loud guitars and drums. Never have I heard feedback and guitars that loud! Not even at a Slayer concert! 🙂

Man that experienced is etched in my memory. Wild how sound can do that.

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