YOU determine Radiohead's Album Cost

The NYTimes is reporting that Radiohead’s upcoming album “In Rainbows” will be available for download Oct. 10. Only the entire album, in non DRM audio files, will be available for download. At the same time they are selling a box of vynl, cds, etc from their website.

Nothing new here ‘cept they will, “allow fans to decide how much to pay for it, if anything.” WOW.

I think this amazing. Not because I could get this bands music for free. Been there done that. Yawn… But because a major famous ‘recording artist’ is making a move AWAY from the middle man, aka record labels.

We all know how often the middle man rips off creative people. (not every time mind you) Oh yeah they give you money but do you really get what your creativity is truly worth from them? Can you own all of your intellectual property and its entire set of rights? What about creating personal relationships with fans? Record labels don’t foster that at all. Not in a sustainable or healthy way.

I got involved in the web and learned HTML to help artists promote themselves. Now many years latter we see our famous creative brothers are helping to remove the shackles. Radiohead may not be as altruistic as I. They may actually be able to make more money with this method of distribution. Perhaps the street creed and good PR will sell more record company produced CDs later. Regardless I hope they succeed so other artists will be inspired to remove the middle man!

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