Chapel Hill Startup Weekend

Last night I met Gwen Bell. She told me about an event she’s organizing called Startup Weekend. She was part of the group that first pulled it off it Denver. Now its coming to Chapel Hill on November 2-4.

Startup Weekend is an idea, an experiment, a chance gather the tech community and create a company over one jam packed weekend.

We held a session about this at the last RDUBar Camp. It sounds like super geek fun!

Update: Here is some more info from Gwen Bell describing just what Startup Weekend is.

Hello everyone,

I’m delighted to let you know that we will be hosting Startup Weekend (founded by Andrew Hyde in July 2007) from November 2-4, 2007 in Chapel Hill. If you haven’t already gotten tickets (they’re free and we will move to a waiting list as soon as we have reached maximum capacity), you can do so at the Chapel Hill Startup Weekend page (and follow along before, during and after the weekend if you can’t make it!).

If you don’t already know about Startup Weekend, it goes like this:

We get together Friday night and pitch ideas. We choose an idea by group vote and that is what we’ll build over the course of the weekend.
On Saturday and Sunday we work with PR, Design, Development & Law teams to create the company.
On Sunday (and/or beyond) we launch a brand new company, completely incorporated. You will own 7 shares of the Founders Stock if you attend Friday night and both weekend days.

I was at Startup Weekend Boulder and Houston and loved both experiences. I hope to see you at the Chapel Hill SW.

Please pass this on to your techie friends. If you don’t see yourself techish, limited cook positions are available. Please holler if you don’t see yourself fitting in.

Those of you that work for tech companies and think your owner may want to sponsor us, please let me know ASAP.

Looking forward to it!

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