I'm voting for Sally Greene

This first thing that come to my mind when I think of Sally Greene’s record as a council person is her work to end homelessness. She has done a lot of real work towards solving this problem.

Homelessness isn’t a easy issue. Nor one that could easily win you votes. So to have done real work on this issue, as a politician, is impressive. For me this really demonstrates how much Sally really cares about people.

Sally is on the steering committee for the Orange County Partnership to End Homelessness and was instrumental in the creation of the 10-year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness. She has steadfastly opposed efforts to regulate panhandling in Chapel Hill. Too many people think banning so called undesirable people from Franklin Street will make a real difference. At best all it does is brush a problem and people under a rug.

Few elected officials are looking at the root causes that put people onto the streets. Even fewer are working towards real creative solutions. The causes of homelessness are extremely complicated and deserves a detailed response. Sally does this in a real way with real results.

I’m also impressed with how Sally works with her fellow council members. She asks good questions at council meetings. Its obvious she has spent time building the trust of her fellow council members. Her professional style is worthy of respect. This is the job we elected her to do and she does it well.

The next four years we will need Sally’s experience getting effective policies passed. She is trusted, intelligent, and progressive. So when you go to the voting booth this november think about the people who share your values. But vote for the candidates that have the ability to create policy that will see your values made real.

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